All the way from Brazil! Handcrafted Cutlery Knife with Damascus Steel Blade, a metal made by forging and firing of different Carbon Steels, providing a balance of mechanical properties and unique beauty without equal.

In particular, the Olivebull slabs have a slightly concave thinning from the half of the blade, which enhances it’s cutting performance.

The Cape is entirely made of Hart Horn, with genuine texture and details. Additionally, the bolster (trim) is made from Buffalo Horn

The ultimate tool to impress any guest at your bbq!

Due to its lower weight and thickness, it is easy to handle and sharpen.


Blade length: 200mm

Handle length: 125mm

Overall length: 325mm

Weight: approx. 325g



Blade: Steel Damascus Carbon (1090 and 15N20)

Bolster: Hat horn

Handle: Buffalo horn


This product is not manufactured in STAINLESS STEEL. Because it is a handcrafted item made of carbon steel, care is taken against rust and stains. Stains and small oxidations may occur with use.



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