About Hunter & Rodmann


Our Mission


"At Hunter & Rodmann, we are dedicated to bringing you awesome gift ideas for the man in your life, be they your boyfriend, brother, father or mate. We search the far reaches of the globe, and beyond, for unique, not readily available products and stock them right here in Australia."


Our Story


Wandering aimlessly through shopping centres looking for a gift for my old man, that’s where Hunter & Rodmann was first conceived. The frustration of not being able to find that unique gift from one of the many cloned stores that lined the shopping centre halls had me thinking, “surely it’s not just socks jocks and custom mugs out there for guys”. Why does it have to be so hard to find unique gifts for guys?


Originally this site was going to be custom outdoor/fishing gear and drinking accessories made by yours truly, but time had become a precious commodity with the birth of our first son and that dream took a backseat. 

Not to be deterred, many nights were spent searching the deep dark depths of the internet for unique gift ideas, believe me it’s deep, but I uncovered some gold in the process. 


The brands and products that we stock are carefully curated by us, determined by quality, uniqueness and style. 

We fully stand behind every product we sell, so much so that when orders of products come in that we thought would be great but didn’t meet our quality standards, they get buried in the back of the store never to see the light of day again and we cut our losses. That’s our commitment to only carrying the good stuff. 


A husband and wife team, we aim to provide the best service we can, most orders are packed in a way that they are ‘gift ready’ in that they’re in one of our branded boxes with wood wool arranged around your order for protection and to ensure a memorable unboxing experience for the recipient.


Lately I have been able to give my creativeness a chance to escape and will be adding new products to our range that are custom made by myself. To add to that, we are always on the look out for brands/products that suit the direction we’re headed, so don’t be shy in suggesting a few.


Thanks for stopping by and I/we appreciate your support!




Wade Curedale

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