peak spheres

Peak Ice Works

I’ll say this straight up, I’ve never had a connection to a kitchen utensil, until now that is. When I first received my Peak Ice Works ice tray I thought nothing of it. I was initially impressed by the quality but that’s as far as it went, it wasn’t until I made my first spheres that I became obsessed with this wonderfully designed and super functional ice tray.

The four sphere tray is the best value in my opinion, it produces 4 x 50mm (2 inch) spheres that last a surprisingly long time in your bevy, I’ll get at least two sometimes 3 drinks out of a single sphere. I experimented with the quality of ice I could produce in terms of clarity and imperfections. I found that when I used hot water the clarity was better and the tray had a better seal where the two parts of the sphere meet. Cold water sometimes had a leak on one of the spheres although the lid has press style fasteners to ensure a tight fit. It didn’t present much of a problem as I just topped up with water once freezing had occurred, but this left a visible line where the sphere would inevitably fracture once melting occurred. But if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who wants to elevate their ice game, Peak Ice Works ice trays are in my opinion the Rolls Royce of ice trays.

Spheres are great for tumblers, but what about the classic tall glass cocktails? They’ve got this sorted too, the Collins ice tray produces four rectangular ice cubes that chill the full length of the glass, they also look the part. All the ice trays come with lids, which keeps the ice fresh and they don’t absorb those freezer odours that give regular open ice trays that funky freezer taste.